The Picture below and to the left show a Budtender at Paific Cannabis in Tacoma standing behind the counter displaying the store's product during the grand opening. StarCrisp's product can be seen in the middle shelf, and in the picture below and to the right showing StarCrisp Farms economically priced 3.5 gram bag.

In the picture below and to the left,  Rena, the manager of Muffy's Smokin Greens in Port Angeles, stands behind the counter that displays the stores selection of products, including StarCrisp cones shown in the picture to the right. StarCrisp cones are displayed in the green tubes in the middle of the picture.

As a Greencard patient David offered a wide variety of products to his fellow patients for free, previous to passage of Washington's landmark I-502.

For the first year of Commercial growing under I-502, StarCrisp focused on producing the best strains of marijuana available. These strains (in bud form) were available to both processors and retail outlets.

In 2015 StarCrisp produced a number of popular varieties including THC Bomb, Cinex, Medicine Man, Purple Diesel,  White Widow, Blueberry Silver Haze, and Purple Paralysis.

In 2016 StarCrisp will  again be focusing on bud, but will also be partnering with other processors to offer additional products including​ high quality concentrates.

Bud in 2016 will include some of our familiar favorites such as Cinex, THC Bomb, Medicine Man and Purple Paralysis and we are adding a number of new varieties to the line up as well including Cheese, Pakistani Chitral Kush, Black 84, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Fire OG,  and Oriental Express; see our 2016 page for a description of each.

StarCrisps wholesale Prices  as always will be competitive. Prices for bud for 2016 will likely be $3.50 a gram. This may vary depending upon our assessment of the quality of the individual lots, and testing results for potency. The market will also play an important roll as StarCrisp is committed to providing our retail partners with a product that is competitive in quality and cost.

​Several pictures are shown below of StarCrisp's product in stores throughout the Olympic Peninsula.