David Burns has a Bachelor of Science degree in  Environmental Studies and a deep commitment to sustainability and the environment. To achieve these objectives everything about StarCrisp is environmental friendly and sustainable. The majority of lights used for indoor growing operations are energy efficient LED that use half the power of conventional lighting.



A small family owned artisan production. Each plant is given special care and personal attention. Quality is the priority. David Burns (The president of StarCrisp) grows marijuana as a retirement activity because he enjoys it and believes in the value of this wonderful plant. His goal is simply to maintain a small  production of the best marijuana strains available.



Quality From Our Garden to you

It’s important to know what you’re smoking. And it’s even more important to know what you are eating in the case of edibles and infused products. All of our plants are grown using organic farming methods providing you safe environmentally friendly products.

StarCrisp Farms LLC: 

A licensed State of Washington  marijuana producer and processor. Exclusively serving Washington State authorized  marijuana retail establishments .

A New Generation of Farming

Home grown style and quality.  Glass bottles are used to cure  our bud  to bring you the best quality. All our products are packaged in convenient zip lock bags and heat sealed for tamper resistance and conformance with the Liquor Control Board requirements. 


Some of our most popular strains:

Cinex  (A sativa dominant that will allow you to maintain functionality while enhancing your creativity).

THC Bomb (Sativa/Indica blend with one of the highest THC contents available).

Purple Paralysis (A Sativa dominant blend with a high THC content and relaxing high)


Purple Diesel

White Widow

CB Dream (A popular medical variety)

Medicine Man (For our medical menu)

Blueberry Silver Haze (A new popular addition with both medical and recreation users.)

Pioneers in legal marijuana cultivation

David and his family are pioneering the legal cultivation and processing of marijuana for licensed retail establishments for both recreational and medical use.

We have several popular strains on our recreational menu planned for 2015. Our strains have some of the highest THC content that provide the best recreational highs available.  We also are cultivating popular strains for medical purposes. 

Our family has searched the world seed banks and picked the best strains to develop local cultivars. Our goal is to develop the best cannabis strains for the area so we can bring you the best Marijuana in the world. This picture shows a "THC Bomb" Seedling.